Uwa Elicos Agreement

North Metropolitan TAFE has agreements with Murdoch University in selected courses. Whether you want to learn more about the courses on offer, future careers, early university studies, or exploring your entry possibilities, the Murdoch University Student Center can help you discover the endless possibilities. The agreement has a nominal expiry date of June 30, 2021. North Metropolitan TAFE has entered into an agreement with the University of South Queensland (USQ), which provides for the recognition of prior knowledge for a number of North Metropolitan IVs degrees and certificates for their Associate degrees and Bachelor Degrees. We have pathway agreements with local Western Australian universities and national higher education providers. If you are offered a place at one of these universities or higher education providers, you can apply for Credits/Advanced Standing at the time of registration for the units you have graduated from your degree or Advanced Diploma. North Metropolitan TAFE has entered into an agreement with De Curtin University that allows our graduate and advanced graduate students who are taking the listed programs to access the corresponding curtin, provided that you successfully complete your course and thus comply with Curtin`s academic and English entry rules, that there are vacancies in the course* and that you do not have any sanctions or visa problems. North Metropolitan TAFE has recognised the previous learning agreement with Edith Cowan University in the following areas: North Metropolitan TAFE has entered into a special agreement with the University of Western Australia (UWA) that allows North Metropolitan TAFE graduate students to have easier access to the UWA Bachelor of Landscape Architecture or Bachelor of Environmental Design. North Metropolitan TAFE has entered into an agreement with Edith Cowan University (ECU) which offers our graduates and Advanced Diploma a clear progression path to selected bachelor courses in ECU. North Metropolitan TAFE graduates, accepted through this pathway, earn credits for studies they have completed at North Metropolitan TAFE. . If you have successfully completed a qualification at Certificate IV, Diploma or Advanced Diploma level, you are assumed to have met the minimum academic access requirements for most courses at the University of Notre Dame Australia.

The propst of the University of New England is the next VC of the University of the Highlands and Islands in Scotland. He seems to be going well with Professor Walker, who has become the specialist in higher education in a regional network. Prior to UN, he was DVC Engagement at Federation U, where he led an expansion of campuses and international partnerships. The Highlands and Islands are even more diverse, “a separate partnership of 13 independent universities and research institutes”. If you want to go to university, but you`re not sure if your grades pass, let us help. If you study with us, you can make sure that your time is preparing for university. You gain work-ready skills as well as knowledge recognized by universities for credit. Once you have applied to TISC, Curtin University will assign you a guaranteed offer code and send you a confirmation of your application attesting that you will be guaranteed a place in your nominated course. . .