United Arab Emirates Peace Agreement With Israel

[30] According to US President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, “Israel and the UAE will completely normalize diplomatic relations. They will exchange messages and ambassadors and engage in large-scale cooperation in a wide range of areas such as tourism, education, health, trade and security. [31] Kelly Craft, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, celebrated the announcement and called it a “great victory” for President Trump and for the world, saying diplomatic relations show “how hungry we all are for peace in this world” and how all countries in the Middle East understand the need to “firmly oppose a regime, which is the biggest sponsor of terrorism – Iran.” [38] The result was a largely oblique reaction from Palestinian authorities and other civilians. His colleague Bezalel Smotrich dismissed the deal as insignificant and criticized Netanyahu for reviving the prospect of a two-tier solution. The UAE has agreed to normalize relations with Israel, paving the way for other Arab nations to do the same, but irritating the Palestinians. Everything he does, what benefits Israel, or more accurately the government of Benjamin Netanyahu, is welcomed by American Christian voters, an important part of his electoral base. Yes, that`s right. And that has actually led us to a truly remarkable result in the annals of Middle Eastern diplomacy. .