Tenancy Agreement Tower Hamlets

The London Borough of Tower Hamlets successfully sued a man who fraudulently attempted to take over the lease of a deceased resident by posing as his nephew. Even if your landlord refuses to give you a written lease, you still have a legally binding lease. Some rules apply to anyone who rents a house. These rules do not need to be written down. If the landlord accepts rent from you for life in the property, any oral agreement you have is considered a legal agreement. You should have a written lease containing all the information you need. Each new sublet registration is subject to an administrative fee of £25 per registered tenancy. This can be paid by cheque or postal order to the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. Alternatively, we can call you back to receive a debit/credit card payment over the phone. Rule 3 prohibits unfair commercial practices, including false acts or omissions and aggressive practices. An entrepreneur will also be guilty of a criminal offence if he engages in a practice that is likely to distort or significantly distort the economic behaviour of the average consumer with regard to the product.

When a lessor signs an agreement to a tenant stating that the person is a licensee, it is an attempt to remove the tenant`s legal rights to terminate and initiate due legal proceedings, as licensees do not have the same right to written notice within a prescribed period of time. While a landlord still needs to obtain a judicial order to evict a licensee, this is usually a much smoother process, and while boards can sue a person who illegally markets a tenant, there is no similar enforcement measure against a person who illegally markets a licensee. If this is not respected, the former lessor remains responsible for a possible violation of the rental agreement until he or the new owner brings to the tenant the name and address of the new owner. When registering a sublease with THH, you must file a copy of the lease agreement for each of the leases you offer and provide a copy of a valid gas safety certificate for the property you are subletting. Your rights and obligations as tenants as well as our obligations to you as a landlord are set out in your rental agreement. Of these, Tower Hamlets Council successfully sued an owner for violating the 2008 rules on protecting consumers from unfair trading practices. The London-based owner was fined £22,000 after granting “licensing agreements” to residents who should have been granted leases. This follows a similar court case in Islington in 2017, when an agent was fined more than £20,000 for breaching consumer protection law. Rahman then filed an application to take over the lease in June 2016, given that he was a nephew of the occupant and had lived with him in the council`s one-bedroom apartment on Headlam Street in Whitechapel. If your landlord doesn`t give you written consent, the law states that they must provide you with certain information in writing: If your landlord doesn`t provide you with their name in writing and an address in England or Wales to which you can send them notices, the law states that you don`t have to pay them rent….