Collaborative Agreement Nurse Practitioner Colorado

American College of Nurse Midwives – Colorado After admission of 1800 hours, Colorado nurses must undergo a 1800-hour tutoring with a doctor. The physician and nurse should outline a plan for ongoing interaction and discussion or prescribed practices throughout the tutoring. Upon completion of tutoring, an articulated for Safe Prescribing plan, which includes a quality assurance plan and a mechanism for consultation, cooperation, and transfer to other providers, must be signed by the NP and the physician`s mentor. APRN registration information is available from the Colorado Board of Nursing ( The care service can be reached by phone at 303-894-2430 or by e-mail at dora_nursingboard at Colorado never has a problem attracting nursing because of the weather and outdoor activities for which many nurses choose to bypass higher positions. The influx of travelers to this state is very seasonal! Colorado nurses are officially recognized as basic providers. You can sign disabled parking cards, but no death certificate. The primary license as an RN can be performed in Colorado or another compact nursing state, provided the nurse has a multinational privilege in her home country. The status of the APRN is specific to the status. The Colorado Advanced Practice Nurses, which have RN licenses in other compact countries, may be referred to by one of the following names: C-CNS, C-NP, C-C-CNM or C-CRNA. An experienced nurse who plays more than one role (for example.B.

as a nurse and nurse midwife) aspires to a prescriptive authority, must apply separately for each authority. Colorado nurses are free to prescribe medications without medical supervision after the completion of an initial phase of monitoring. To gain the ability to prescribe freely, nursing practitioners must first undergo a precepttoration of 1800 hours and a tutoring of 1800 hours in collaboration with a doctor. There are two levels of prescriptive authority. To obtain a provisional authority on prescription (RXN-P status), the advanced practice nurse must complete a teaching power of 1,800 hours. During this period, the nurse will gain experience in a clinical environment that matches her role and demographic focus. An advanced practice nurse who works at the prezeptor level can only have a doctor`s preceptor and an RXN preceptor or a doctor`s preceptor. .

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