Azure Enterprise Agreement Tenant

If you have a business or school account among another customer, change the permission level on the page with the registration details to “Inter-client business or school account” and you can add the account. A new enterprise administrator can be added by existing organization administrators. If you are the EA administrator, sign in to the EA portal > click “Manage” > click in the top right to add a new EA administrator. Make sure you have your email address and a preferred sign-up method, for example. B authentication in the workplace/for school or Microsoft Live ID, to get users to add. Enterprise admins and service admins use departments to organize and report on Azure for enterprise services and usage by department and cost center. The company administrator can: The first work or school account added to the enrollment determines the standard domain. To add a work or school account with another client, you must change the authentication level by enrolling in cross-client authentication. An Azure AD tenant is a specific instance of Azure AD that contains accounts and groups.

Microsoft 365 or Dynamics 365 paid or trial subscriptions include a free Azure AD tenant. This Azure AD tenant does not include other Azure services and is not the same as an Azure trial or paid subscription. Before you create an Azure (EA) enterprise plan subscription, your account must be added by the administrator of your EA record in the Azure EA portal to the account holder`s role. Next, you`ll need to sign in to the Azure EA portal to get your permission to create EA plan subscriptions. We recommend that your first EA subscription be created via the “+ Add Subscription” link in the “Subscription” tab on the EA Portal. However, once your account is authorized, it may be easier to create subscriptions in the Subscription tab in the upper-left corner of the page, where you can create and rename your subscription in a single step. So, add an Azure subscription with the same organization and Azure AD tenant as your Microsoft 365 subscription: To create an Azure for Enterprise plan subscription, you must have the right to act as an account holder in the EA portal. . . .