Agreement Perfected By Mere Consent

A simple expression is NOT A SCAM, UNLESS it is made by an expert and the other party relies on his particular knowledge. (d) an agreement for the sale of goods, goods or goods in action at a price of at least five hundred pesos, unless the buyer accepts and receives part of such goods and objects, or evidence or some of them for such things in action, or pays at that time part of the purchase money; but where a sale is made by auction and the seller enters in his sales book, at the time of the sale, the quantity and nature of the property sold, the conditions of sale, the price, the names of the buyers and the person on who has made the sale, this is a sufficient memorandum; A contract is one of the sources of commitment. An obligation is the legal necessity that arises when a contract is concluded or perfected. There can be no contract if there is no obligation, although not all obligations arise from contracts. The obligation arising from contracts is called a treaty obligation. (e) the agreement on leasing for a period of more than one year or on the sale of property or shareholdings; and the treaty is not perfected unless the above elements or conditions match. [10] Dear Anuj, The general rule is that agreements or contracts are perfected by simple consent. They are valid and binding between the parties and their heirs, with the exception of contracts that are not transposable due to their nature, by provision or by law (Section 1311, Civil Code of the Philippines). The conditions of validity of a contract are as follows; (a) the agreement of the parties; (b) a specific subject-matter which is the subject of the treaty; and (c) the cause of the established obligation (article 1318 ibid.). The Contracting Parties may also lay down provisions, clauses or conditions which they deem appropriate, unless they are contrary to law, morality, morality, order or order.

(Article 1306, ibid.) There are contracts that, with the exception of the items listed, must be available in any form or require delivery or entry in the appropriate registry to be valid. Contracts that do not comply with the Fraud Act are not enforceable by way of recourse before the courts, unless the same thing, or in a note or memorandum, is written and signed by the offending party or his representative. Proof of the agreement cannot be obtained without writing or secondary proof of its content. The following contracts must comply with the Fraud Act (No. 2, Article 1403, id.): from the date on which the parties reach an agreement on an object and consideration in force, they are not only bound: (a) an agreement which, according to their conditions, must not be concluded within one year from their manufacture; Before the ring is handed over to Yanee, the deposit contract has not yet been concluded. If Xian subsequently refuses to mortgage the ring, Yanee may request payment of the commitment, although it is with a ticket delay. Yanee cannot, however, require Xian to provide the ring as a warranty, as there is no real deposit contract yet. .