Vcoss Enterprise Agreement

Social benefit recipients are organizations and companies whose mission is social purpose-oriented and/or owned by groups or individuals considered disadvantaged. Because of their ownership structure, social benefit recipients channel the economy and social resources to marginalized communities. Service providers may include Aboriginal businesses, social enterprises such as people with disabilities and social enterprises, which create jobs and other social outcomes. We welcome the diversity of our employees and welcome applications from people from all cultural backgrounds, including Torres Strait Aborigines and/or Islanders, as well as people with disabilities. If you need a copy of this ad or attached documentation in an accessible format, for example. B great pressure, please send an email to The Victorian government is committed to improving the access of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to government business opportunities. Small businesses account for 47% of jobs in the state`s private sector and contribute nearly 30% of government revenues and output with a wide variety of products and services. The SME market is also a major player in the provision of innovative solutions. We do not discriminate on the basis of sex, marital status, pregnancy, family or parental status, race, sex, age, sexual orientation, political or religious beliefs, disability or health. Complexity and Capacity – Goods and Services Policy (Expenditure and Market Analysis) This position is full-time.

Wages and terms of employment are governed by the Victorian Council of Social Service 2017 and VCOSS guidelines and procedures. Did you know that? Small businesses provide about 1.2 million jobs in the private sector, including homeowners. They are an essential part of the regional economy with 28 percent of all small businesses in regional Victoria. The VGPB`s public procurement reform framework focuses on early market analysis and supplier engagement. The successful candidate will have experience of political representation or interests, high written and analytical skills and a proven ability to develop and maintain effective partnerships with a wide range of stakeholders. This position requires appropriate superior qualifications or equivalent qualifications and knowledge on the social consequences of climate change and emergencies. As you approach the market, you should think about how to adapt your procurement processes to facilitate SME participation. . We strive to create an environment free from discrimination and harassment. VCOSS is the leading community sector association in Victoria. It raises awareness of the existence, causes and effects of poverty and poverty. VCOSS is a unique membership-based organisation with a rich history of social justice in Victoria.