Material Evaluation Agreement

7. CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION. Infoblox and the client agree to keep confidential all information that is treated confidentially by a party under this agreement, which is classified as proprietary and/or confidential or because of the circumstances of the disclosure (the “confidential information”). Despite this, the client accepts that Infoblox may collect confidential customer information, remove personal information from the customer`s confidential information by anonymization and aggregate this confidential information for Infoblox purposes. The Customer acknowledges and accepts that the products and all information made available to the Customer in accordance with this Agreement are confidential information of Infoblox, without the need to identify it. Each party agrees: (a) to strictly respect and protect the confidentiality of the other party`s confidential information; and (b) not to use the other party`s confidential information, unless it is intended. Notwithstanding the above, the customer is solely responsible for the removal of all data stored on the product (s) that the customer may consider confidential; Infoblox has no obligation or responsibility for the data remaining on products returned to Infoblox. As part of the customer`s use of the products, the customer can transmit recording information, searches or download data or other content (together “Contents”). In order to enable Infoblox to improve products for all customers, the customer offers Infoblox a worldwide license, permanent, irrevocable, non-exclusive, fully paid and free for the use, reproduction, electronic distribution, transfer, transfer, transmission, execution, display, storage and archiving of content. Infoblox can use third-party hosting services and allow these hosts to exercise their licensed rights if needed.

If the client`s organization is not identified and no personal data is disclosed by the client, Infoblox may use and retain content and other information about the use of customer products to enhance, supplement or test Infoblox products, including the creation of analysis models and threat information made available to others as offers, and use and share aggregated and anonymous information with Infoblox`s associated companies, as well as in published reports, analyses and advertising materials. All individual contact information contained in the content is treated as stated in the Infoblox Data Protection Directive in