Ada Agreement

AFC Urgent Care Norwalk Settlement Agreement – Resolution of an assertion that a health care provider in Norwalk, Connecticut, refused to offer a school to a child with a disability. The agreement provides for the adoption of a non-discrimination policy; Creating a referral process for patients publication of a communication on the non-discrimination policy in the reception or waiting area and wherever a medical record of rights is required, as well as on the home page of the health care provider`s website; Training all staff, staff, members and others who interact with patients, including information on effective communication; and $2,500 in damages for the individual. (10/3/2019) YMCA Middle Tennessee Settlement- Resolution of a complaint that a school follow-up program in the Middle District of Tennessee invited a child not to return for the next school year, based on the child`s disability-related behaviour, without making adequate changes to the child`s program to meet the child`s needs. The agreement provides for a change in the policies necessary to make their childcare facilities and structures available to children with disabilities; Advising a child`s parents or legal guardians before a child is suspended for behavioural reasons or sends child care; adoption of a declaration of non-discrimination and disclosure of the declaration of non-discrimination to the Community; The designation in each county of a person in which the child care program is authorized to receive and re-examine requests to change child care guidelines, practices and procedures; Executing a procedure for parents or legal guardians to require appropriate accommodation; Training staff And submit written guidelines and procedures to the Department for review. (19.02.2020) United States of America v. Humboldt County, CA Consent Decree — re: not complying with Title II of the ADA, even after the conclusion of an agreement to access the Civic Project (9/7/16) Legacy Tours, LLC Settlement Agreement — Resolution of an allegation that a demand-responsive charter bus service in Clifton, New Jersey, failed to provide services to individuals with disabilities either in their fixed-road or demand-responsive operations. The agreement provides for the establishment of a system for providing accessible services, communication to the Community on unfettered services, training of staff on its obligations under the ADA and procedures for providing accessible bus services over the road, as well as reports to the Department on compliance with the agreement. (16.03.2020) University of Southern California agreement on the arrangement of a University of Southern California hotel – decision to accuse a los Angeles, California, hotel of not altering its facilities to make it easily accessible and usable by people with disabilities, this has led to an insufficient number of accessible rooms with mobility features, an inaccessible check-in desk and an online reservation system that does not correspond to the ADA. The agreement provides for the presentation to the department of architectural plans for renovated accessible guest rooms, with mobility features; Renovation of newly designated accessible guest rooms; The construction of a new or existing check-in desk; Updating the online reservation system to include accessible rooms as a booking option, a description of the accessibility features of these rooms and a description of the hotel`s accessibility features in general; And annual reports to the department.