Virtual Assistant Independent Contractor Agreement

NDAs create a confidential working relationship between you and your assistant. It legally protects you and your assistant`s private information, and prevents both parties from sharing it. Non-disclosure agreements are typically used when tons of sensitive information is exchanged regularly. A virtual assistant contract is essential to ensure that you are aligned and protected with your customer in the event of a problem. This part of your contract describes what you are hiring your assistant to do. We had so many positive comments during our last post/interview with Danielle Liss from Businessese that we thought it would be good to do a follow-up post to make sure everyone knows what`s going on when it comes to virtual assistant contracts. An informed consent form for professional counselling is a document that the counselling service provides to its clients to properly obtain their consent to treat mental health. The form contains information about the services and the agreement to be concluded between the advice centre and the client. Thanks to this document, it is also useful to inform about the risks, limitations and benefits of treatment.

This informed consent form for professional counseling is a direct and simple form for clients who wish to receive therapy that can be used by the lawyer as a reference. It serves as a reference for the therapist to inform his client about the client`s rights and what to expect during the sessions. A verbal agreement is not appropriate because it exposes you both to the possibility of misunderstandings. The problem with misunderstandings is that they can be costly for both the client and the VA; Hence the need to prepare and sign a template for a virtual support contract. Contracts can be very difficult to understand, but we`re going to break them down so you can better understand what needs to be included as a virtual assistant. Such an agreement also contains standard contractual clauses, such as . B choice of applicable law and place of jurisdiction. A simple virtual assistant contract is worth it in the file. It doesn`t need to be filled with legal jargon that no one understands, but it`s a good idea to have a working agreement between you and your virtual assistant or virtual assistant. Many virtual assistants are independent contractors.

The common practice is that a client does not want to hire a contractor to do work for them without a valid contract. This need may stem from the fact that virtual assistants are not full-time employees who come to an office every day. They often work from home, which can be miles away from the client. They often perform a number of tasks for customers for a fee. A virtual assistant contract template is designed and sent for signature when you start a new project. If you have a virtual assistant business, it`s time to make sure you`re fully covered by a contract specifically designed for you. Click here for full access to VA Toolbox today. Each client has a deadline and your agreement must include it so that all parties understand when the work needs to be delivered. Expenses: This determines who is responsible for the costs associated with this project. Is it the responsibility of the client or the consultant? Different expenses in contracts with virtual assistants can include tools, advertising costs, costs associated with the website, etc. Scope Creep is difficult for almost all independent virtual assistants.

If the size of the work changes without warning, it becomes more difficult to finish on time and get paid properly. A clearly defined project scope in a contract avoids any slippage in scope. And since you share this information with your VA, you should also add a non-solicitation clause. This prevents your assistant from using your information for personal purposes. B, for example, to set up a competing company itself. • Introduction (Here we get the date, the name of the service provider, the address, the contact details and the name of the customer). • Description of services • Schedule and days of leave • Method of payment for services (This also indicates the salary of your virtual assistant.) • Duration of the contract (this includes the termination agreement) • Confidentiality and non-consolidation • Party relationship (This means that the VA is an independent contractor and not an employee. Thus, the client is not obliged to provide ancillary services such as health insurance, paid leave or other benefits to employees.) • Ownership of Work Products • Liability • Confidentiality • Entire Agreement • Severability Please review the attached Virtual Assistant Contract template and feel free to use and modify it if necessary.

Most virtual assistant companies already address this aspect for you in your customer contract. However, if you hire a VA yourself, this clause is extremely important because you use it directly. Your agreement with your customers should describe your services. Specific details about plagiarism, tools, and editing websites should be included. Tip: Remember that a virtual assistant is not an employee and is usually not a paid position. A VA will therefore also be responsible for paying all taxes. Their payments are made in full, without deduction for taxes or benefits. Don`t forget to reserve about 30% for the helmsman! Remuneration: The remuneration of the virtual assistant must be specified in the contract, which specifies how much the assistant will earn. It can be an hourly amount or a project and include a certain number of hours. This will ensure that you can use these contracts as evidence of an agreement in court. This way, you don`t have to rely on verbal agreements or reminders to protect yourself in the event of a problem.

Unfortunately, the legal side of a virtual assistant business can be overlooked (or worse, ignored) for far too long due to a lack of resources, knowledge, or both. Navigating the legal language of contracts can be especially difficult if you`re not sure what to look for. If you use a virtual assistant company, they will usually provide you with a contract that you can sign. Of course, be sure to check the fine print to make sure it`s acceptable to you. 8. Indemnification. The Virtual Assistant shall be solely responsible for and shall indemnify, defend and indemnify the Company and its successors and assigns from and against any claim, action, judgment or cause of action brought by any third party against the Company if such actions arise out of or result from the services provided by the Virtual Assistant or its employees under this Agreement. The Virtual Assistant shall also be solely responsible for and shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Company and its successors and assigns from any and all claims or liabilities of any kind (including penalties, fees or costs) arising out of the failure of the Virtual Assistant or its employees to pay any taxes, penalties and payments referred to in Section 9 of this Agreement.

The Virtual Assistant indemnifies, defends and releases the Company and its successors and assigns from any and all liability against any loss or damage arising out of any misrepresentation or non-performance of any representation, liability, agreement or agreement on its part, and any act, action, proceeding, demand, evaluation, penalty, judgment, judgment of or against the Company in connection with or against the activities of the Virtual The Assistants or its employees and the Virtual Assistant pay reasonable attorneys` fees, costs and expenses. To give you a general idea of what`s in the virtual assistant contract form, here are the important elements that should be included in the contract: Nevertheless, it is important to clarify exactly what falls under the confidentiality clause of the virtual assistant contract. This ensures that all parties know what should not be disclosed; whether knowingly or unconsciously. The confidentiality clause also gives legitimacy to your corporate virtual assistant. Once the conditions are met, you and your assistant can sign the contract. .