Mia Loan Agreement

The latest update confirms that the MIA is not appropriate when the equipment is undergoing a clinical review (where insurance and compensation agreements should be concluded under the Clinical Investigation Agreement (MCIA) model. It further states that the MIA may be suitable for use when equipment is made available to a research project, if the equipment is not researched. This allows the sponsor to use the MIA system in place of the equipment insurance and compensation agreement as part of the location agreement (z.B. Model Clinique Trial Agreement (mCTA), Model Agreement for Non-Commercial Research (mNCA), etc.). MIA is an agreement between NHS organisations in England and suppliers that provide devices free of charge, either on loan or in the long term. The “MIA conditions” have been updated to respond to changes in departmental legislation and policy. The “MIA Appeal Agreements” and “MIA Intermedary Agreement” have been updated to support changes to the mia terms update. “MIA Data Protection Protocol” is a new document that has been introduced to help health authorities comply with the general data protection regulation. The HRA will continue to use the first assessment letter and the HRA letter of authorization to clarify the proponent`s stated intent regarding the use of the MIA or the inclusion of the equipment allowance in the location agreement. MIA is an agreement between NHS organisations in England and suppliers that provide devices free of charge, either on loan or in the future. Registering a supplier with the MIA gives NHS organizations the guarantee that the supplier has public liability insurance to cover its debts related to the supply of its equipment. NHS organizations can enter into appeal agreements with suppliers registered with the MIA, thus offering both parties the protection offered by the plan.

MIA updates. The update will include guidelines for revising terms of sale in 2018. NHS organizations should contact the MIA support team if a vendor`s data is not displayed in the MIA registry or if any of the information appears to be incorrect. In June 2017, the Ministry of Health issued updated guidelines for the Master Indemnity Agreement (MIA), including its use in clinical research projects. Suppliers should contact the MIA support team to register and update their own data. The MIA registry is updated monthly. It contains the names of all providers, their MIA registration numbers and the expiry date of their insurance. The Master Indemnity Agreement (MIA) register contains a list of all approved suppliers for NHS organizations.

The MIA support team can be contacted by email mia@dhsc.gov.uk The page has been updated with the new MIA register of January 25, 2018. . The register of master compensation agreements has been updated. . The MIA process has been updated to incorporate the new MIA documentation and the new numbering system, and now reflects current NHS conditions.