Marital Separation Agreement Deutsch

Non-marital relationships A non-marital relationship raises the same fundamental legal questions as a marriage. However, the answers are often different. How can unmarried partners, for example, influence to make medical decisions about each other? In the absence of a marriage license, you are not automatically allowed to make certain health decisions necessary for your partner in the event of a serious illness. A power of attorney or attorney in the field of health is required. It is advisable that you and your partner proactively deal with these issues before such a situation occurs. The dissolution of a non-jugal relationship also raises legal questions that require competent answers. We advise you in detail on the legal details that must be taken into account in a non-judgmental relationship. This also applies to registered partnerships. Marriage contracts are designed to protect the individual interests of spouses in the event of divorce. Most marriages do not require a marriage contract, but it is another thing if assets such as real estate or commercial interests are involved. These assets are included in the compensation of assets accumulated in a divorce comparison, unless the separation of property has been previously established in a marriage contract.

In addition to clarifying ownership issues, the marriage contract can also govern pension enhancements and support payments. However, the scope of a marriage contract is limited. Contracts that unfairly penalize a spouse are considered unacceptable by law. We help you draft a valid marriage contract that is in your best interest. Property rights Sharing marital property requires rigorous calculation and is often a source of violent conflict. In the absence of a marriage contract, the law treats property acquired during the marriage as the common property of the couple, which is then, too easily, shared between the spouses in the event of a divorce. In practice, the division of ownership during divorce is a very complex issue. How do you calculate the distribution if one partner has accumulated far more assets than the other during the marriage? How do I manage a joint house or business? Who is responsible for the debt? We help you resolve these issues in the best possible way and prevent the entire litigation from taking place in the courtroom. Separation and marriage comparison agreements spouses can avoid a major aggravation during the divorce process with a marital comparison contract. A marital settlement contract may deal with the following issues in the event of divorce: custody of children, access rights, custody of children, spousal support during separation and after divorce, compensation for accumulated assets, pension adjustments, sharing of household property and use of the family home.

A marital transaction contract is certified or seized by a notary, after which it is very difficult to revise it. It is therefore imperative to consult a lawyer certified in family law before entering into a marital settlement agreement. The law firm of Jurgens is pleased to be able to advise you on these issues. Spousal Care (Alimony) Law Many factors go to determining what constitutes an appropriate level of spousal support: how much maintenance will children receive? How much is available to the parent who supports basic services? When will the parent who provides basic services return to work after the divorce? These issues have all been redefined as part of the revision of the Spouses Custody Act, which came into force on January 1, 2008.