Florida Law On Non Compete Agreements

In 1996, Florida`s status was rewritten. State legislators have passed a non-competition law that is very favourable to employers. The basic rules of the statue are quite simple. Nevertheless, you need to understand legal standards and enforcement considerations. Just because you have already signed the treaty does not mean that all hope is lost. As you can see, the terms of the agreement may not be applicable, but that is not your only defence. Courts may prevent an employer from enforcing the terms of a non-compete clause when the employer is engaged in illegal activities. These may include unlawful discrimination, offences, illegal employer behaviour or incitement of the worker to illegal behaviour. Let our lawyers in Florida who have no competition help you. However, employers who fail to properly establish their non-competition agreements with the Council of Professional Legal Advisors often find that their agreements are not applicable. Not only do you waste the time and money spent on litigation to enforce the non-compete agreement, but you lose all aspects of your business that you tried to protect from the start.

When an employer wishes to include a non-compete agreement in an employment contract, it must have a legitimate commercial interest justifying the use of this non-competition agreement. One of the arguments is that the employer has, in one way or another, significantly violated the employment contract. For example, if the employer has not met its obligations to the employee in terms of compensation, insurance, etc., the worker could argue that non-competition obligations should not be applied. After learning about ABC`s business (everything he received while receiving his abc salary and services), Mr. Jones founded his own business, became a direct representative of the manufacturer and began recruiting ABC customers directly. With very little overload, Mr. Jones was able to beat ABC Corp. abc. ABC simply could not compete at these price points. Under Florida law, non-competition prohibitions may apply, but with exceptions. We can help employees identify potential exceptions to the implementation of competition issues. Workers may object to the applicability of non-competition agreements, including the fact that the agreement is too broad for geographical reasons, is not closely suited to protecting the legitimate business interest of the employer, or is too long in time.