Chase Bill Pay Agreement

My water company requires that the agreement be authenticated. Is that common? You don`t have an online payment. 1.4 The bank grants the customer a non-exclusive, limited and revocable right to use the Service, as well as software and applications (together “products” associated) provided by the bank and its “ASPs” (herein section). The customer may not use the service or products for any other purpose and may not copy, modify or display, assign, sublicensing, distribute or transfer shares of this agreement or derivatives to third parties. The customer can download and use data, provided it does not remove copyright or other indications. With the exception of the rights and rights conferred on all products, including any improvements, modifications and derivative works, all rights and rights to all products are retained at all times by the Bank and its ASPs. The products are trade secrets and the customer keeps them secret, confidential and proprietary. The customer`s continued use or use of a product may, at any time, be subject to the terms of an asP agreement for such a product, and the terminology of all products provided by an ASP may differ from the terminology of the service. The bank has the ability to create and process customer service request and new accounts, and the use of the customer`s service or function may require an activation code or additional steps for activation or use. At no time is the bank required to accept or continue registering a customer or account or to continue to offer an application.

Please read the beneficiary`s terms and conditions carefully when you are available. Sometimes, to get an invoice online, registration means that your paper bills are disabled, but this should be stated in the terms and conditions of the recipient. When you set up automatic payments, it`s a real set-it-and-forget-it system. The moment you give yourself the opportunity to pay a bill, when you are stressed about it, you could put it back together and forget about it. If you have automatic payments, remove this thought from yourself and your bills are paid on time, each month.