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Fixed: Cast/Download icons don`t work when not near Main tab Inoffizieller Port der Proxer.Me mobilen Apps für Windows Phone. Proxer ist die größte deutsche Anime- und Manga Community. Hier findest du alles, was dein Otaku-Herz begehrt. Die Proxer App hat folgende funktionen: – Aktuelle News – Informationen zu Anime und Manga – Forum – Rezensionen (mit Ton!) – Unseren eigenen Proxer-Nachrichtendienst, mit dem man mit gleichgesinnten schreiben kann – Unterstützt Crunchyroll und Viewster Simulcasts! Die App ist ausschließlich für Proxer Mitglieder gedacht. Sie ist vollkommen Werbefrei und erfordert nur Internet-Rechte! Unterstützt uns mit einer kleinen Spende: Weitere Funktionen werden folgen! Die Proxer App ist noch in den Kinderschuhen und wird weiter entwickelt. Wir bitten Mängel zu entschuldigen. Want to be notified of new releases in proxer/ProxerAndroid? You now see a warning when trying to download HLS/DASH/M3U8 files Added an option in the Settings under Streaming to speed up the performance of MX Player. Give it a try please You can now see the progress and rating from friends for a specific show. Open an Anime from the Home Screen and scroll to the „Friends” tab. Fixed an issue where the app would try and update the progress of a show that`s not on your profile Added an option in Login screen to solve login issues The screen in Vydia will stay on and not auto-lock on devices such as Samsung Flipped order last updated descending and ascending File SHA1: 2637bf95fa15a4f8758bad7883321331b13aa3a5 See the usage of each source in the Site Picker dialog Proxer für windows phone. Obwohl es inoffiziell ist, ist es nahezu perfekt! Das einzige was ich bemängeln könnte wäre das manga lesen. Beim oben nach unten sind die kleinen sprechblasen schlecht von der auflösung dass es schwer ist es zu lesen und von links nach rechts geht das wischen nicht immer. Aber im großen und ganzen wirklich genial! Schaut sehr **** aus und es funktioniert alles! Fixed an issue where you were unable to get subscribed for episode releases Fixed issue where the global score of a show wouldn`t display Some app data like `shows by genre` is now loaded much faster Fixed the UI in the Stats page.

Also, Score Distribution is now placed where the Top Genres was. Fixed issue with manually changing the episode number This app offers three variants to build: debug, release and logRelease. It is strongly recommended to use the release variant as it is faster and does not log sensitive data. Added an option in the Settings page under Settings AND Storage to open the Android app settings of AnYme Fixed: update button after rotating your phone doesn`t work File SHA1: 58bee5772011698f6a69eedf8d649bea9f98d647 Fixed issue with the app saying it can`t connect to MAL when you have no friends Hopefully fixed an issue where you got logged out too early with MyAnimeList Episodes you download follow the following format: AnimeName (Episode 001).mp4. this results in your downloads being sorted properly Same as 10.94 but with Vydia temporarily being opt-in Fixed many sources not playing and brought back DubbedAnime Fixed an issue where you could set a really high episode number on shows like One Piece Added a new feature: Friends. Check it out from the left sidebar on the Home Screen. See when your friends were last online and visit their profile A lot more things have changed as well, you`ll notice them 🙂 Hi there, this is just a reminder that the official site for the anyme app is, don`t download the app from fake sites! Also, please read this You can temporarily skip the relogin screen in case MAL ever goes down again AU Native now shows Anime sorted by release date descending and the title is now 3 lines long Percentage watched (when you have classic view enabled) is now optional.